Lyle Nisenholz ニセンホルツ ライル

Rivers of Saitama

Paper, Pencil, pen, Thumb tacks, Bulletin board|2022

I began my new ALT job in Saitama Prefecture, Sayama City in April 2022. My previous position as an ALT in Tochigi I had an English bulletin board at the school. I made thematic drawings for the seasons. I displayed the drawings on the English bulletin board with some English / Japanese explanation. When I started my Sayama job I requested a bulletin board to continue making art. Currently my free time during work is my chance for making art. I am grateful to Shimizu Sensei in charge of English at my school. She gave me permission. I decided to change from season theme to area theme. I made my first set named, “Rivers of Saitama”. I want students to know their area and see it from a foreigners view. “A river meets the ocean”, Was originally Arakawa, but it’s not realistic so I didn’t use the river name.


Lyle Nisenholz
ニセンホルツ ライル

I have lived in Japan for 20 years. I am from America. I was not talented at study but my father saw my drawing and encouraged me. He advised me to be a teacher and art as a hobby. I was excited by fantasy art, dungeons and dragons, comic books etc… I wanted to be a comic artist. My art grades helped me attend college. There I learned about other arts and sub culture. I made many types of art and performance. After college I found a career in teaching. Then I moved to Japan.For 17 years I was part time ALT for Tokyo Prefecture learning disability schools. Now I am full time ALT in Saitama Prefecture. In art always explore my relationship to my current situation and environment. I am not a studio artist. I am currently living with my wife and newborn baby in Kawagoe area.

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