Zijin Gao  コウシシン

Tokyo, the Heart

Digital Print (Paper)|2022

Japan has one of the most extensive and developed railway transportation systems in the world. The railway shapes Japan, quite literally, and nowhere is this more true than in Tokyo. The metropolitan network can be daunting at first sight, but its well-planned, organized structure eventually comes to serve as a cheat sheet for knowing the city. Every train line is represented by its own colour. For me, upon a glance, the colourful outlines of the railway map suggest branching, delicate arteries that feed the rhythmic vibrations of this city and its inhabitants. Through a digital art creation process, I traced and overlaid all the lines of the railway to make the shape of a human heart, my perception of Tokyo.


Zijin Gao

With an interdisciplinary background in architecture, designed object and visual communication, I have developed projects from 2D to 3D, and from one object to a scenario during my practices. I remain mindfulness though the moments and keep close observations to the surroundings. Bearing an open-ended attitude towards ordinary objects, scenes and experience, my works extract inspirations from things I have encountered. I believe that the works should carry significance beyond the functionality, at the same time, deliver new perception, recognitions and thinking to the life.

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Art Exhibition “Cultural BYO…Ne!”