Efrat Arielle Peleg ペレグ エフラート アリエル

Dancing Through

Mokuhanga, Japanese Woodblock Print, Water based Pigments on Washi Paper | 2022

The print represents histories different people share on the same land and how uncovering the past leads to a better understanding of identity. Through a closer look at shared histories, movement becomes a key role in depicting these stories. In telling our stories about our histories, the past contains both sorrowful impressions but is also central for allowing us to collaborate in this day and age. This work tells about shared stories of the past through movement and dance to represent the duality memory and the past has on our identities.


Efrat Arielle Peleg
ペレグ エフラート アリエル

Efrat Arielle Peleg is an Israeli artist. She completed an exchange program at Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto; and graduated from Bard College, New York in 2015. Later she lived and worked in Jerusalem on a variety of peacebuilding, art, and education projects with Palestinians and Israelis. She is currently working on her MA in printmaking at Tokyo University of the Arts thanks to the MEXT scholarship. Efrat enjoys creating colourful paintings, woodblock prints and illustrations on washi paper using water-based pigments. In her work, she seeks to deliver a calming feeling of peace and a sense of movement.

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Art Exhibition “Cultural BYO…Ne!”

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Art Exhibition “Cultural BYO…Ne!”