An Art Exhibition by Shigeaki Iwai and Guest Artists

What perspectives on migration, immigration, and multicultural society in contemporary Japan do artists have when creating their works? Shigeaki Iwai as IMM Tokyo director invites 3 guest artists— Akira Takayama, Ai Iwane and JongOk Ri—to illuminate their approaches to contemporary art.

Participating Artists

Akira Takayama

Ai Iwane

Ri Jong Ok

Shigeaki Iwai

An Open Call Exhibition by Artists with Roots Overseas

This “Open Call Exhibition” features artwork by people with roots overseas. We received over 100 entries to our open call for artwork expressing the feelings and interests in the daily lives of those with roots overseas living throughout Japan, from both professional artists and enthusiasts. About 30 artworks—from elaborate handicraft to everyday photos, and artistic expressions combining cultures—will be exhibited at the venue, providing a glimpse into the imaginations of each creator.

Participating Artists with Roots Overseas

Ea Tulin

Lyle Nisenholz

Haruko Nagae /Chunping Hu

Lee Masatoshi

Golmaryam Masood ansari

Laura Kauppinenova

Cedric Rolando - Neoyume

Yusan Finn

Tianqi Fu


Cedric Rolando - Neoyume《#TokyoClichés - 1:14 Sento》

INHO《You May see me, but I’m hollow Ⅱ》

Yusan Finn《Being Muslim in Japan》

An Exhibition Introducing the Activities of Organizations working with Multicultural Society

Japan has many different organizations exploring multicultural society, a number of which actively integrate arts and culture. Here, we introduce these organizations as they continue their activities towards realizing each of their envisioned landscapes in contemporary society.
Spatial design: L PACK.

Adeyabeba Ethiopia Association

Katsushika-ku, Tokyo


Nagata-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

Kanagawa Biennial World Children’s Art Exhibition

Kanagawa Plaza for Global Citizenship (Designated manager: Japan Overseas Cooperative Association)
Sakae-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Biennial World Children’s Art Exhibition

The Japan Forum


Kanagawa Prefecture

KANI public arts center

Kani City, Gifu Prefecture

CASIO COMPUTER Co., Ltd and Musashino Art University

Kodaira City, Tokyo and other places in Tokyo

Resource Center for Multicultural Community Tokai

Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City (2012, 2014, 2015) Toyohashi City (2017) Anjo City (2019)
【Video : Interview with participates】

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Center for Citizen Initiatives Mie

Mie Prefecture / Mie Foundation for International Exchange (MIEF) / JICA Mie Prefecture Desk
Mie Citizen's Activity Volunteer Center, Mie Prefecture
多文化共生理解イベント Hand in Hand FBページ
【Center for Citizen Initiatives Mie】

kuriya General Incorporated Association / kuriya

THE ART PROJECT Multicultural Book Reading Group

Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Beyond Invisible Borders

immig-radio ~Arts Maebashi Multicultural Radio Station~

Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture


A unit formed by Susumu Odagiri and Tetsuya Nakajima. Both members were born in 1984 and graduated from the Department of Spatial Modelling at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture. Beginning with the concept of “a landscape with coffee”, the unit aims to become one aspect of the townscape by combining minimal tools and local materials in ad hoc ways while integrating ideas and techniques from such fields as art, design, architecture, and folk art. Their activities began in 2007. Major activities include Ryugu Art Ryokan (Yokohama, 2010-12), which converted an unused inn into a town landmark; L AND PARK (Tokyo, 2011-12), which transformed indoor public spaces into parks; Kitamoto Atelier House (Saitama, 2012) that acted an atelier and second house for all; VISITOR CENTER AND STAND CAFE (Nagoya, 2013), which was a space for visitors by visitors; and others.

Citizen Researchers “IMM Neighbors”

Immigration Museum Tokyo is realized together with its citizen members, “IMM Neighbors”. IMM Neighbors includes members from multiple generations and diverse backgrounds, such as students, working people, international students who are active as artists, and others interested in multicultural society and international relations. These members consider the topic of multicultural society while carrying out regular meetings, lectures, and fieldwork. Stemming from their monthly meetings, the members will report on their day-to-day activities and develop a project intersecting with this exhibition.

Multicultural Research Project

This fieldwork project, carried out mainly by IMM Neighbors, aims to capture a sense of the multinationalization and multiculturalization occurring in the metropolis. Under the theme of “exuding multiculturalism”, this project considers the cultures intricately intertwined around us through the lens of “food”, hoping to bring visibility to the various cultures we enjoy unconsciously.

[Click here to see the activities of IMM Neighbors on IMM Tokyo’s Facebook page]