All of your submitted artwork presented online first!

We will present all submitted artwork on our website beginning in June.
In addition to this “Open Call Exhibition” that will premiere first online, this museum consists of two other sections: “Multicultural Coexistence and Art Practice”, held throughout different areas of Japan; and “Approaches from Contemporary Art”, led by guest artists.
We plan on updating our information on an ongoing basis, so please look forward to it!

This project was originally scheduled to open in August 2020, but following a discussion amongst our organizers, we have decided to postpone the project in light of policies for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus. A new date and venue will be updated on this website and on Facebook. Please click here for details.


About Art Museum
“Seeing Us: Living in Japan with Roots Overseas”

It is a museum that thinks about topics of migration, immigration and multicultural society. This activity will be considered part of Immigration Museum Tokyo, which is run by the art project Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju, Connecting through Sound Art.

About Immigration Museum Tokyo (IMM Tokyo)

It is an Art Project which focus on the daily lives of people living in Japan with foreign roots. Although it is called a “museum”, the project does not own any facility. Rather, it operates by creating exhibitions and events in empty shops, churches and old houses in Adachi City. IMM Tokyo is one program of the Art project “Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju Connecting through Sound Art.
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Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju - Connecting through Sound Art

Based in the Senju district of Tokyo’s Adachi City, this initiative features a diverse range of programs on the theme of sound, working in partnership with leading figures in the local community with the aim of creating new connections and communication through art. The Japanese-style old house “Nakacho-no-ie” is also opening as a cultural salon!
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Tokyo Artpoint Project

In cooperation with various arts organizations and NPOs, Tokyo Artpoint Project pursues art projects with local community and citizen involvement as a way to foster an environment where everyone can be actively engaged in culture and to create and disseminate Tokyo’s charm. The project is organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture.
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