#TokyoClichés – 16:53 Yaki Imo

Cedric Rolando – Neoyume
50×50 cm

#TokyoClichés is a collection of 3D digital paintings I made depicting Tokyo commonplaces as visual poems.

Inspired by my life in Japan and new technologies, I’m confronting my previous ideas about Japan and its reality.
From my first experience in a sento, to my love for yaki imo, or my obsession for light reflections on Sumida river, I’m experiencing the Capital as pure poetry and crystallize ephemeral pieces of Tokyo.

Mesmerized by wood-block printing and video-games, I try to mix the beauty of traditionnal art and CGs art.
Key elements are sculpted in VR. The visual result is blurring the line between 2D and 3D.
Artworks are printed on Art high quality paper and mounted on a wooden frame.

#TokyoClichés is a way to share my colorful vision of the city.


This “#TokyoClichés – 16:53 Yaki Imo” is about the magic feeling of eating my first hot Sweet Potato in Tokyo. I add a little story on it.

“Close your eyes and let’s picture this :
(actually don’t close your eyes, you won’t be able to read my text) It’s around 18h00, just after a light rain, coming back home, you pass by the Yaki Imo trunk (or super market…) you buy your potato… and then the magic happens.

First, in your hands, a soft warmth is diffused through the paper sheltering the treasure…
Then you observe this treasure.

Colors are most of the time incredible, the shade of purple, from a dark subtle, to a vivid pink.

Now it’s time to remove some part of this cocoon, in order to discover the “holy puree”.
One bite, and it’s an explosion of sensations.
A gradient of texture, melting slowly in your mouth, a gradient of sweetness, dancing on your tongue.

You walk home, taking your time, enjoying each bite, you feel a light and cold wind caressing your face.

The contrast with what is happening inside your mouth (and now your stomach) make you wonder how pure happiness could come from such little thing.

And now, you just think “Life is wonderful.” (Actually I had same kind of feeling with the Waffle trunk next to Hallgrímskirkja in Iceland but this is another story, and another drawing…)