Douji no kyoukai [Simultaneous Boundary]

Okegawa, Saitama
50.8×60.96 cm

You cannot regulate time, but everyone understands the concept of time. Perception of time, depending on their various experiences, is differently perceived by everyone. Augustinus states in his Confessions Summary that since the future will flow to the past through the present mental action, the future reduces and the past increases, and in the end, no future is left, which leads to all past. We live based on mechanical time namely a clock and the concept of time in a linear manner in life and death.

Time has no beginning or end and it flows straight and infinitely. In that flow, the past disappears, at that moment, the present starts. Each and every moment is equal in the flow of time. [Just like that, through “Simultaneous Boundary “, things that are visible and invisible, mobile and immobile, and instead of dividing countless invisible boundaries, I try paying attention to the intermingling moment. Instead of the moment of taking it, through the time it is taken, from the photo taken, like people’s time that diversely exists, countless lines and colors will appear.] Then, a photo becomes an object for subjective recollection. Through the photo, I want to strongly awaken forgotten memories and emotions.