Yure : Jizoku no shunkan [ Quivering: Moment of Continuation]

Okegawa, Saitama
50.8×60.96 cm

The visual art of photography lets you share the world you see. There is something in common, which is to look at. Therefore, I think that you must express the subject as it is in order to express what you saw and its meaning. We think we are looking at the whole, but we often see only what you want to see. So, instead of saying I wanted to take it this way, it might be more correct to say the camera has taken it this way.

Photography shows current reality. means concentrating on the act of looking. Instead of showing the composition, the method of photography, theme, and content, in order to grasp only the situation, I shot the scene just as it was. Then, I thought that viewers could concentrate on looking. Moreover, since looking and emotions are reciprocal when concentrating on looking, an overflow of memories and all kinds of world come up. It can be seen and unseen, mobile and immobile, which awaken two extremes.