Mirai mitaina genzai? [The present like the future?]

ダン カイリョウ
Kita, Tokyo
18.2×25.7 cm

The theme of this painting is to call on everyone to protect natural resources and the environment.
The center of the work represents the evolution and development of humanity destroyed a lively landscape like spring. The blue sky, the sea, the vital fish, animals and plants, they have changed as the activities of humanity have changed. The path of the painting goes to the future and it is like a time machine. From the first steam locomotive to the motor vehicle, the culture has been invented by human being in each era. However, power of the culture makes our future to be destroyed in the future such as the little water in the faucet at the painting.
The entire painting is to represent our past, present, and future. Therefore, the upper part of the work is used a roughly vivid color. I also used the color of a dark below. If we do not protect the environment from now on, we will face a cruel future like a broken car. If we protect the environment from now on, the future may change to good. It will not be the environment now; we believe in the future.