Fushizen nagi [Unnatural calm]

Tianqi Fu
Kita, Tokyo
20×30 cm

I have lived and traveled in many countries over the years,
I have met many friends and people from different countries, and not necessarily involved various cultures and languages,
I have not been sure about what is right, what should be done as the way of thinking and perception when I faced to the outside world and myself, which are involved in the conflict,
When I was in China, the education we receive was there was an only one corrected way to believe.
I was not sure what my existence is, it’s restored at the time of being destroyed.
I probably have been looking for the ideal peace like as a “calm”, however when I find it, it will be unnatural in the day-to-day life.
This is a series of photographs, which represents a feeling of “unnatural” when I am out of my country and looking for a “calm”.
It is to describe the feeling of looking for my own place to be comfortable.