Muslim in Japan

Yusan Finn
Kawaguchi, Saitama
20.3×25.4 cm
  1. A muslim women grab a halal food at Gyoumu Supermarket in Ueno, Tokyo. This supermarket is very well known among muslim in Japan because they have halal food.
  2. Muslim women shopping at a new supermarket called Bongo Bazar at Saitama. They offers a lot of halal meat, chicken and others halal product. They supermarket tag line is “Fresh and Halal Food”
  3. Indonesian Muslims from around Japan gathered in the hall to attend a special islamic event. The guest is Sandiaga Uno (businessman, politician), Dewi Sandra (artist, infulencer), Ustadz Adi Hidayat (islamic scholar) . They are very well-known in Indonesia. This kind of event is usually held once a month.
  4. A muslim women sitting on the train looking outside the window. A View of beautiful night of Odaiba
  5. A muslim man performs afternoon pray at the beach in Enoshima. Not all of the tourists spots have a praying room.