Madre-Tierra Queen Mandala

Daiane Oshiro (Whitemoon.arts)
Kani, Gifu

I made this mandala using our natures colors to remind us that we belong to the nature. To remind us the importance to take care of the earth, the nature, to respect, to thank, respect all the elements, paces, floresta, oceans, rivers…solo, trees, air, water all sacred and essencial for human being to existe!

I made it to remind people To love the earth! All the food we eat comes from the nature, the water, the air, they all comes from our Mother Earth. I made this mandala to remind people to be more respectful and grateful to the nature.

The green color’s vibration or energy active and make stronger our cardio chakra, this color is good for our heart, our health and it’s tranquilizes us.

It’s made of wood sticks and acrylic yarns. Took me more than one week, doing a little almost everyday.