Toki no hikari [The Light of Time]

Saitama, Saitama
200×160 cm

 A lot of traditional things like Herbal Medicine are not scientific. What happens to the traditional ones by the time technological technique is getting developed more? How does Chinese medicine develop now in modern scientific civilization?
 This work is full of herbal medicines. About 20 years ago, when I was a child, Chinese medical care was not developed yet. Now, Chinese medical technology has developed. The “scientific” nature of herbal medicine is also being questioned. In the work, I made a shelf of Chinese medicine out of an old tree. But I made the shape of the drawer as a modern form. This drawer looks modern if you see it from the front. To know what it is in the inside of it, you turn around and look at it then you can discover old Herbal Medicine: it’s an old herbal medicine! When I was a little, herbal medicine was a major Chinese medicine. Every time I roasted the medicine, the smell of it filled the house. Since the Chinese medicines has a strong smell in this shelf so this is a work to be smelled. We hope that traditional Chinese medicine will develop scientifically for thousands of years. We hope that herbal medicine will make a new contribution to human health care.