Dejitaru sougi [Digital Funeral]

Lily Rinae
Suginami, Tokyo
365×254 cm

This photo book is a collection of photos taken when my family faced the sad reality, not being able to go to the funeral at the death of my grandmother in Taiwan due to the Coronavirus. In the end, using the internet and live streaming, we were able to participate in the viewing, the funeral, and the laying of ashes. We came to Japan as immigrants, we have been working hard, but could not go back to our home country due to the Coronavirus. I needed to record the sad situation, which should not be forgotten.

None of the members of my family could go to the funeral to see my grandmother’s face and say farewell to her. Taiwan is very strict about quarantine and immigration. We would have to be quarantined for two weeks after arriving in Taiwan. This made my father decide to stay in Tokyo because he did not want to bother the relatives.

That was my first time in my life to hear him cry. A deep sob echoed under the blue sky and sun in Tokyo. Nothing is worse than not being able to be there at your own mother’s last breath. All the way from Taiwan, my grandmother had been supporting my father who has been working hard in Japan. My father never imagined the misfortune of not being able to say his last farewell to her when he chose to come to Japan.