Haru no inori [Spring prayer]

Koganei, Tokyo
37.5×32.5 cm

This is an artwork using a traditional Chinese knotting technique.
The character for “Spring” (春) that appears in both my Chinese and Japanese names is my favorite. After knotting one continuous red thread to make this character, I attached it to both sides of the surface with golden thread.
The basis for this knot is called the “double coin knot”. With many bronze coins patterned throughout, it is a very auspicious design.

My Chinese knotting instructor is a true Japanese person, but they learned the technique as a pupil of a Taiwanese artist. I felt that such a form of cultural tradition was wonderful, so I began learning. I am still just a beginner.

One day, when my instructor realized that “Spring” could be knotted from beginning to end with just one thread, I decided I wanted to challenge myself and asked for that pattern and thread. Over a year had passed since then, but in March of this year, schools all over Japan closed. Hoping that Spring would come soon and wanting to do hanami [cherry blossom viewing], it suddenly struck me to begin knotting. However, as coronavirus spread quickly throughout the world, my dream of hanami fell through, and I ended up leaving this artwork alone once it had reached a rough shape.

Once I heard of IMM Tokyo 2020, I thought I could motivate myself to submit this artwork. I completed the work to the very end, adjusting each knot and praying, as someone with “Spring” in their name, that this infection will end as soon as possible, and that Spring will reach the hearts of people all over the world.

冬 来たりなば春遠からじ 
If winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

When prayers from around the world come together in unison, Spring will surely come!