Ivan NO
Tottori, Tottori
30×22 cm

I started watching a Japanese print maker’s work on www.twitch.tv/japaneseprintmaking. It was very inspiring. I heard that cherry wood was the best to work with, so I rescued a log of a recently fallen cherry tree from the local University. When I cut it in half, I discovered it was no good for carving. However it had an amazing pattern that looked to me just like the shallow ocean. Later I attended Horan Enya, a Historic floating performance, celebrated since Edo, in Matsue city. I really liked the simple illustration style of some old scrolls illustrating performers. I took a few sketches of old showa era newspaper photos of life in Matsue, in this drawing style. Including some of these school girls hitching up their skirts to wade in the ocean.
Somehow these two things came together in this piece.
punch card program planning paper, cherry wood(hand sawed and polished), ink.